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You are warmly invited to a National Conference (featuring Australian and international speakers) to consider how policy can be made better for, with, and by First Nations peoples. The Conference will bring together diverse perspectives from the fields of research, policy, and practice and engage participants through a variety of forums and participatory sessions. This special event will also showcase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural contributions to film, literature, art, dance, astronomy / astro-physics and music.

This national event will be held on December 8th-11th in the 31st year of the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research (CAEPR). Having been at the forefront of policy research for three decades, CAEPR is inviting you to contribute to a new narrative and discourse, as we reflect on the past thirty years and envision our future.

This Conference comes at a time of deep deliberation about the concept of 'voice' and First Nations place in Australia's national affairs.

Conference themes and streams

The Conference has three themes:

Showcasing culture

As part of the conference, ANU will be hosting a small-scale festival of culture and connection, story and art. Drawing on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural expressions and knowledges through music, dance, stories, film, language, science and art (including the many cultural treasures that reside in ANU), the festival will allow participants to engage in deep reflection and conversations about our collective stories, relationships, connections, custodianship of cultural spaces and possibilities.

Keynote Speakers

Romlie Mokak
Mr Romlie Mokak
June Oscar
Ms June Oscar

Key Dates